Edge May 2018 Issue 318

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Published 29th March

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, Into The Breach, Kirby Star Allies, Chuchel, Metal Gear Survive, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, Florence, Moss.

Promised Land
It’s conquered Japan – now Dragon Quest XI is setting its sights on the west.

Super Play
The finest SNES ever made just launched. What does that mean for emulation?

Built For Speed
Devs and runners break down their speedgames to examine what makes them tick.

The Making Of…
How Killzone’s maker left military shooting for open new world with Horizon Zero Dawn.

Studio Profile
Eclectic two-man studio Dakko Dakko is still daring to embrace the unconventional.

Time Extend
How Rare got its groove back by balancing the two sides of its history with Viva Pinata.