Edge July 2019 Issue 333

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Published 23rd May 

Days Gone, Mortal Kombat 11, SteamWorld Quest, World War Z, Forager, Islanders, Katana Zero, One Finger Death Punch 2.

Paper Beast, Planet Zoo, Dicey Dungeons, Pacer, El Hijo.

Small Wonder
Introducing Playdate, the spellbinding new handheld that no one saw coming.

An Audience With…
Writer and creative director Amy Hennig plots a course for the uncharted future of storytelling.

New Wave
How A Maze Berlin is reshaping conventions and ushering in a new era of avant-garde play.

The Making Of…
Sunday drives, long soaks and desert raves saw a classic puzzler reborn in Tetris Effect.

Studio Profile
Inside No Code, a family-run studio in the embryonic stages of upending our expectations.

Time Extend
How Klei Entertainment’s Invisible Inc made turn-based tactics relentlessly surprising.