Edge February 14 Issue 263

Alien Isolation
Edge February 14 Issue 263

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In Edge February Issue 263
While Aliens: Colonial Marines only revealed the pitfalls of throwing money, access and a big-name brand at a studio, Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation shows what can be achieved in the right hands. Along with the help of 20th Century Fox, the team has spent years working in secret to create the quintessential Alien videogame, trading gung-ho marines for tense survival horror and swapping swarms of aliens for just one terrifyingly intelligent xenomorph. 
We visit the studio to find out how it is building the game fans deserve. We also take our first look at Hello Games' No Man's Sky, with founder Sean Murray and his four-person team opening up about the game’s surprise reveal and how they’ve created a framework to support an entire universe of procedural worlds. Then we talk to Keiji Inafune and Yosuke Hayashi, the duo behind zombie slasher Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, about core gamers and accessibility. 
In Knowledge, we discuss how a penchant for microtransactions in full-price games has marred the start of a new generation, and we also ask testers about their hands-on time with Valve's first Steam Machines. Hype kicks off with a look at superhero sequel Infamous: Second Son, which reinvents the series for a new generation. We also feature Eidos Montreal's Thief reboot, sci-fi MMOG WildStar, block-constructor Starbound, and Deck 13 demon slasher Lords Of The Fallen. 
Meanwhile, Play looks at the handling of Gran Turismo 6, how The Walking Dead: All That Remains shambles on after the devastating end of Season One, evaluates the tactics of thirdperson shooter Warframe, and struggles to maintain a happy family life in The Novelist. Finally, Create takes us to Rockstar's infamous Los Santos, as well as to Finnish studio Housemarque, the studio behind glittering PS4 launch title Resogun.