Edge April 2019 Issue 330

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Published 28th February 

Apex Legends, Metro Exodus, Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Hearts III, Wargroove, Slay The Spire, Unruly Heroes, Revolve8, Eastshade.

Dreams, Mortal Kombat 11, Phoenix Point, SteamWorld Quest, Inmost, Katana Zero.

Long Time Coming
After 20 long years in wait, Ryo Hazuki continues his quest for revenge in Shenmue III.

Grain Of Truth
With his new game Telling Lies, the creator of Her Story leads a storytelling revolution.

An Audience With…
Ubisoft Massive MD David Polfeldt on keeping players in the loop and your eyes on the prize.

The Making Of…
Breadcrumbs, Buffy and bucolic Britain: the story of Fable II, Lionhead’s most magical RPG.

Studio Profile
Meet Virtuos, the hired hands helping to build some of gaming’s biggest, brightest worlds.

Time Extend
Back in time with Chrono Cross, the poignant sequel that feels like it’s from a parallel universe.