SFX Special Editions ISSUE 62

The A-Z of Zombies
SFX Special Editions ISSUE 62

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In SFX Special Editions Issue 62:
The A-Z of Zombies features a preview of the Walking Dead's eagerly anticipated fourth season and interviews with the star of "In the Flesh" and the producers of "The Returned".
Plus a host of features on some lesser-known living dead classics like the "Tombs of the Blind Dead" series.
There are also chats with our favourite zombie authors, and features on video games and comics.
Contents Include:
  • A is for apocalypse - just waiting for the end of the world
  • M is for musical - dancing, singing, zombies, death
  • U is for un-dead couch potato, jokes, puns and a total lack of Simon Pegg
  • R is for Romeo  - a vintage chat with the giant of genre
  • X is for X Files - can you believe the show only featured one zombie episode in nine seasons?
  • Plus much more!