SFX Special Editions ISSUE 57

Everything you need to know about Anime - Dragon Ball Z, Toon Titan, What to watch, What to Wear, What to Say
SFX Special Editions ISSUE 57

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SFX is back with another fantastic special edition, this one revealing everything you need to know about the anime scene. Hot new shows detailed, DVDs reviewed, stars interviewed and more! With columns from some of the UK's best-known commentators on the subject, tons of information on anime old and new, and a celebration of seminal series Dragon Ball Z, you won't want to miss it.

  • Dragon Ball Z - Celebrating the exploits of the mighty Goku!
  • Toon Titan - Toei animation, Japan's largest anime studio, profiled in depth
  • The Girl Who Could Fly - Looking back at Nausicaa, Hayao Miyazaki's first, beautiful hit
  • Five of the Rest - Classic anime you have to see
  • What to watch - Advising you what shows to catch on simulcast streams
  • What to wear - Cosplay galore!
  • What to say - A guide to common anime Japanese terms
PLUS! Tiger And Bunny, Welcome To The Space Show, Full Metal Alchemist, Blood-C, Berserk, Angel Beats, Ghost In The Shell, Evangelion...


This issue also comes with some amazing free gifts including DVD with complete episodes!

That’s two full episodes of Baka And Test on DVD, three Welcome To The Space Show post cards and a double-sided Fullmetal Alchemist poster! Not bad, eh?