SFX Special Editions ISSUE 55

Fantasy: The Ultimate Celebration
SFX Special Editions ISSUE 55

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We take you on a trip to lands of swords, sorcery and dragons in our celebration of all things fantastical, including:

  • Exclusive season two interviews with the cast of Game Of Thrones and the man behind it, George RR Martin

  •  Everything you need to know about this year’s biggest fantasy movie, The Hobbit

  • The creators of Merlin looking back over the show's first four years on screen

  • A back at some classic ’80s fantasy films including Labyrinth, Krull and Hawk The Slayer 

  • A celebration of 30 years of the fantasy fighting game Dungeons And Dragons

  • The Art of Black Library: Games Workshop showcase a selection of pictures from the blood-soaked world of Warhammer

  • Pat Mills talking about his 2000 AD creation, the Celtic skull-crusher Slaine

  • The history of the most enduring of heroes, Tarzan

  • Three official Free Gifts: an Game Of Thrones poster map, three Merlin badges and a set of stickers from Robin Hobb’s City Of Dragons

  • Loads more!