SFX Collection ISSUE 54

Vampire special!
SFX Collection ISSUE 54

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If you love all things fangy you're in for a treat with SFX's new vampire special! Whether you're into the latest vampire franchises or retro delights from the past, it's the magazine for you. Here's a few of the things you can expect to see inside:

The 25 Greatest Vampire Films Ever - as voted for by readers of SFX.co.uk

Brand new interview with Spike - James Marsters

A hot debate on whether True Blood is the show it once was

The hottest new vampire flicks coming your way in 2012

Every Vampire Diaries episode reviewed

In-depth looks at retro classics Salem's Lot, Near Dark, Lifeforce and Captain Kronos

The lowdown on the latest Underworld movie

The world's biggest Twilight fan

The greatest vampire films you've never seen

Vampire Diaries or Bridget Jones - you decide

And LOADS more!

The 124-page magazine also comes with a Dracula fridge magnet, exclusive badges and a huge double-sided poster!

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