The Ultimate Guide to Superheroes

Your complete guide to movies, games and comics
The Ultimate Guide to Superheroes

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Our luxurious tome covers movies, television and comics and much more besides, like our Mego Toys feature, a look at the wonderful world of comic cons and what being a super hero would mean in the real world.
We look forwards at lots of forthcoming Marvel movies and we look backwards with the best of SFX's previous reviews. If you love superheroes and their crazy worlds we're pretty confident you're gonna love this bookazine.
Contents Include:
  • The top 50 superhero movies as voted by you
  • Stan "The man" Lee answers your questions
  • Exclusive 2014 film previews
  • The best TV superhero shows
  • Plus much more!

Published: September
Pages: 162
Dimensions: 300 x 232 mm