Sporting Rifle September 2019 Issue 172

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Published 22nd August

This month we bring you one of the most exciting issues of Sporting Rifle ever, with a deluxe gatefold cover. Inside, it’s the same high-quality content as always, with stalking, foxing and sport abroad covered by the very best in the business.

Chris Dalton’s out dealing with a young stag that’s causing trouble on a plantation, while David Barrington Barnes chances a solo stalk on the hill, and reflects on the stalking experience and decision-making skills that are needed to make it a success. We’ve got a hill stalk on the cover too, and Stuart Wilson has tested the very rifle used in the cover shot – the Blaser R8 Ultimate – in its silenced edition. Jason Doyle completes the line-up, heading to Dalness for a stalk in truly remote surroundings.

Back on low ground, Paul Childerley heads out after a late-season roe, but ends up taking on an entirely different form of quarry. Mike Powell’s been busy, too, testing a Savage .17 HMR and finding time to compare different foxing calibres too. Mark Ripley and Robert Bucknell dispense their share of foxing expertise as well, and we round up all the best foxing kit, including 20 essentials from spotters to sticks.

Elsewhere, Will O’Meara assesses the relative benefits of the 6.5mm Creedmoor calibre, Byron Pace accompanies a team darting rhino, and we reveal the scores of more than 100 medal heads measured by the BASC, BDS and Sporting Rifle service.