Sport in Wildest Britain: A Modern Perspective

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This is a welcome new edition of an old book with something new to say. Specifically, this is a book on field sports away from the mainstream; essays on the natural history, folklore and pursuit of seals and avian quarry, black-game, ptarmigan and capercaillie, wild geese and ducks, in the wilder places of Britain; the high mountains and remote shores and islands.

"In 1921, just before his death, Major Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard DSO MC published his last book, Sport in Wildest Britain. This would soon become a classic work of sporting pursuit in the British Isles and Ireland for the shotgunner and rifleman. Prichard was a natural hunter and gifted writer who could convey to the page with ease his knowledge borne of long experience. Almost a century later a twist of fate led to Peter Carr picking up a battered copy of the original edition in an old shooting lodge once occupied by the late Major. It soon became clear that the two hunter-writers' interests had followed a similar trail. A coincidental meeting with Prichard's great-grandson encouraged Carr, an established sporting scribe in his own right, to add a modern perspective, on wild sport available today, to the original edition. This book is the result. Both authors take the reader to the wildest of foreshores and the remotest of highland landscapes, pitting themselves against nature in all her majesty, in the honest pursuit of the purest of sport: wild game in wild lands."

Chapters include: Ptarmigan on the High Tops; Capercaillie, prince of the pine forest; Prospecting for roe; Curlew on the moor and marsh; Black geese; With widgeon and mallard; Causamull ducks; Monarch of the glen; Where the snipe drums and the woodcock falls; With teal and plover; Heath and moor game; Grey geese; Seals on the tide; Ground game.