Bow International Issue 127

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Published 13th September

This month Clay Shooting gets the inside story (and some priceless tips) as 26-times World Champion George Digweed passes on his unique shooting method to the instructors at EJ Churchill. There’s also action from Oakedge in Staffordshire, where the last major CPSA championship of the 2018 season, the British Open Sporting, took place. Get right up close to the action at the super-final, and the awe-inspiring focus and determination that propelled Richard Faulds to a well deserved win.

Elsewhere in this issue, we report from our own Clay Shooting DTL Classic at Bywell, as well as the Krieghoff Sporting Masters, the Perazzi Grand Prix and the Scottish Sporting Championship. There’s also regular favourites: Jason Doyle’s Project AA, Tim Greenwood’s gunsmithing article, and cartridge and gun tests. Plus you can catch up will all our columnists like Leah Southall, Mike Bartlett, Mitchell Brooker-Smith and a new addition: British Shooting coach Anita North.