Next month in Digital Camera we're launching a brand new video tutorial course dedicated to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Subscribe today and you will get the full course, worth £20, plus 13 issues delivered to your door for just £20.99 every six months - saving 35% off the shop price!
Teach yourself Lightroom is a complete 50- video course and we'll run 5 five lessons on each issue's disc for the next 10 issues.

During the course you'll learn how to organise your images, edit raw files, perfect tones and a whole range of creative techniques that will make your photos look their very best.

Make sure you get the first part of the course and don't miss any of the subsequent parts by subscribing by 6th May.

Please note: The Teach Yourself Lightroom course will be sent out over a 10 issue period if you start your Digital Camera subscription by 6th May 2014 - the first part of the course will be included with issue 155.