Sketchbooks (4th Edition)

Sketchbooks (4th Edition)
Includes Shipping
Sketchbooks (4th Edition)
Includes Shipping
Sketchbooks (4th Edition)
Includes Shipping
Sketchbooks (4th Edition)
Includes Shipping
Published 7th September 2017

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Sketchbooks Volume 4 captures those moments that are bursting with creativity, straight from the minds of the finest illustrators around the world, including Paul Bonner, Charlie Bowater, Miles Johnston and Iain McCaig.
Whether made by pencil or stylus, sketches may be loose and generous or precise and economic, yet all reveal something about the pure fun of creation. Poring over this lavish 180-page volume will surely inspire you in your daily artistic endeavours – it’s an essential purchase!

Explore the detailed and intricate sketches from:
- Arman Akopian
- Fred Augis
- Wylie Beckert
- Randy Bishop
- Paul Bonner
- Charlie Bowater
- Sergie Brosa
- Wes Burt
- Devon Cady-Lee
- Bill Carman
- Iris Compiet
- Paul Dolan
- Edin Durmisevic
- Tara Fernon
- Tony Fonti
- Tom Fowler
- Dan Howard
- Miles Johnston
- Viktor Kalvachev
- Waldemar Kazak
- Chuck Lukas
- Rodney Matthews
- Iain McCaig
- Nadia Mogilev
- Peter Mohrbacher
- Mark Molnar
- Jean-Baptiste Monge
- Rembert Montald
- Jared Muralt
- Tran Nguyen
- Patxi Pelaez
- Bobby Rebholz
- Tim Von Rueden
- Artem Solop
- Dylan Teague
- Claire Wendling
- Darren Yeow
- Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell
As well as artwork from the artists behind How to Train Your Dragon 2 AND a Star artist exclusive sketchbook!!