net Summer 2019 Issue 322

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Published 11th July

It’s rare that people choose a career in the creative industries for the money alone. And yet if you’ve been drawn into a calling like web design or development, it’s still critical to ensure that you’re bringing in enough bucks to guarantee the future success of your business.

That’s why, as part of net’s annual money issue, Craig Grannell has asked the experts for advice on ways you can increase your income, unlock new revenue streams, control your cash flow and stay on top of your taxes.

Meanwhile, demonstrating that there is some real weight to the old adage ‘time is money’, Ruth Hamilton looks at ways you can improve your workflow and grow the time you spend on profitable tasks.

But cash isn’t the only green we’re focusing on in this issue: we’ve also been spending time thinking about the great outdoors. On top of inviting some superlative designers to whip up designs for green-thumbed gardening apps, we also take a look at the impact poor UX is having on our planet and how shipping more efficient sites can benefit the environment as well as your bottom line.