net Summer 2018 Issue 309

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Published 12th July

The UK may have seen some seriously glorious weather in the last month but we’re sure mercury levels aren’t the only thing devs and designers want to see rising. Increasing the revenue coming in is vital for any business, whether you’re working as a freelancer or as part of an agency. And that’s why we’ve made the summer edition of net our money issue, dedicated to helping those working in the web to pull down more profit.

The most critical money-making tool designers have is their skills. In light of this, Jim McCauley has been speaking to some of the industry’s highest profile figures to help you identify the skills that will pay the bills, as well as maximise the cash value attached to your abilities. Elsewhere we’ve been looking at how you can plan for growth and identify the best opportunities to build your business.

But that’s not all: our feature on crafting luxury ecommerce sites will have you hooking high-end brands in no time. Meanwhile, our complete guide to CSS Grid will show you how to fashion fantastic site layouts.

Also inside:
Add awesome animations to your UI with Greensock and CSS
Start working with shaders in three.js
Learn why age is no reason to ignore someone’s accessibility needs
Pick up the core principles of UX design

Enjoy the issue!