net September 2019 Issue 323

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Published 8th August

Perhaps one of the points where design and technology truly converge is their ability to bring people into a richly realised, personal world. Since the early days of the internet, technology has been focused on bringing down the boundaries between us, while design has helped to make that ever more organic and accessible.

Opening a door to new perspectives is one of the defining paradigms of the internet. Web design has become a valuable tool in offering a barrier-free way of immersing ourselves in each other’s worlds.

In a very literal sense, using 3D technologies in web development can create more richly textured experiences, offering up a pathway to more organic ways to engage with the web. That’s why this issue we’ve asked Richard Mattka for his guide to bringing an extra dimension to your sites using three.js.

But there are other ways to allow others to share in our experiences. Leon Brown provides a method for offering screen sharing direct in the browser using WebRTC and JavaScript. Finally, we take a look at how you can place yourself in your users’ shoes by making empathy part of your UX design process.