net September 2018 Issue 310

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Published 9th September

While there is undoubtedly an art to web design, sometimes it is easy to confuse this with a lack of rigour and exactitude. In fact, front-end disciplines like prototyping, animation and user experience require just as methodical and disciplined an execution as back-end architecture work, which is why it’s important to approach the subject with the mentality of a scientist.

That’s why this issue we’ve been probing the world of UX testing and looking at how designers can systematically investigate how user-friendly their interface is. Joshua Garity takes you through the steps required to conduct thorough tests from setting benchmarks to sidestepping potential biases in your participant selection.
And we’re also exploring other ways to add precision to disciplines that may seem muddy or ill-defined. Burke Holland puts JavaScript frameworks under the microscope, helping you pick the perfect library for your project, whether that be well-established solutions like React or up-and-comers like Cycle. Finally, we evaluate InVision Studio and look at how the screen design tool can bring perfect order to your transitions and animations, enabling you to produce perfectly choreographed prototypes.

Also inside:
Produce reusable components in Storybook
Map shaders to 3D meshes
Discover why designers should concentrate on confrontation over slick UX
Tackle stress and put your health before wealth

Enjoy the issue!