net September 2015 Issue 271

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New issue out now! Learn how to design apps for wearables, discover the 30 greatest WordPress plugins and find out how to create animations with ScrollMagic. Plus: free 35-page CSS3 ebook
Wearables are the latest trend to make their way onto the scene, and they’re not going anywhere. Luckily, you can start developing apps for smart devices right now, with the help of web technologies. This issue we asked Daniel Gallo to explore how you can use your JavaScript skills to start designing for smartwatches, fitness bands and smart glasses. 
This month’s awesome freebie is a 35-page ebook all about CSS3 layouts. Our friends at No Starch Press are offering readers the chance to download the complete Flexible Box Layout and Grid Layout chapters of Peter Gasston’s The Book of CSS3. 
Sorting out the wheat from the chaff in the WordPress plugin directory can be tricky. This issue, Shannon Smith has done the legwork for you, and collected together 30 awesome WordPress plugins to help make your life easier. 
In our projects section, we guide you through how to create animations with ScrollMagic, tell you everything you need to know to adopt an agile workflow, and explain how to build material design apps with Polymer.
Elsewhere in the issue:
_ We chat to Style Tiles creator Samantha Warren
_ We ask the experts: Is material design more than just a trend?
_ Jesse Kris explores how we design software for space exploration