net October 2019 Issue 324

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Published 5th September

The modern world of work is changing. Many industries are facing disruption, meaning an increasing proportion of the workforce can no longer rely on having a single string to its bow. While web design is a more disruption-proof sector than most – agencies of androids quibbling over user personas and turning up their robo-noses at cliched site designs are likely a way off – it’s still a good career move to ensure you have a diversified portfolio of skills.

That’s why, in our career issue, we’ve turned our eye to ways you can learn more invaluable skills. First of all, Anastasia Kashkinova explores why it’s worth becoming a hybrid and learning both design and development skills, revealing how you can start crossing the floor to learn more about coding or getting creative with sites. Meanwhile, Ruth Hamilton examines how you can grow your passion project or side hustle into a meaningful revenue stream in its own right.

But that’s not all. We also take a look at how you can whip your skills into shape to land your dream job and dive down into why it’s vital to get kids started early by teaching young people coding skills.