net November 2018 Issue 312

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Published 4th October

One of the greatest things about the web design industry is that it’s inherently forward looking. No sooner has a new standard dropped – opening up in the process a whole new way of shaping sites – than designers and devs begin hacking away at its boundaries. As a result, the way we work on the web is continually improving.

There’s perhaps no better example of this than in the continued evolution of CSS. Scarcely more than a year ago, CSS Grid burst onto the scene and turned the web world upside-down – and now a whole new raft of changes are on their way that promise to have a similar impact. This issue Rachel Andrew, co-founder of Perch CMS and Notist and invited expert to the CSS Working Group, runs down some of the imminent changes set to come to CSS, including scroll snapping, feature queries and subgrids.

But we’ve also spied a few other predictions in our crystal ball: Richard Mattka is considering the AI revolution and outlines how you can build a chatbot with natural language processing. We’re also tapping into some app-focused trends: Darryl Bartlett looks at how you can create cross-platform apps with React Native, while Daniel Crisp follows up with part two of his guide revealing how you can use service workers to offer offline access to your app.

With such a bright future ahead, we’re sure you’ll enjoy our latest issue.