net May 2019 Issue 318

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Published 21st March 

Compared to other creative industries, web design is a chimera. Neither one thing or the other, it sits halfway between mathematical, scientific rigour and intuitive, aesthetic creativity. That’s why I think one of the most important qualities a designer or developer can have is flexibility – having tools that adapt to the task at hand means you can tackle problems as they arise.

This is what makes variable fonts such an exciting technology. Rather than having to package umpteen different fonts just to produce a formulaic site, they’re enabling designers to produce radical typographic sites – all while shipping less code. And if this has whet your appetite, Mandy Michael is on hand this issue to show how you can use variable fonts to maximise creativity and minimise code.

But they aren’t the only tool offering the best of both worlds. We’re also joined by Google’s Conor McGann, who’s exploring how you can combine the benefits of AMP and PWAs to create sites that load fast and offer rich experiences. And we also show you how you can create custom 3D geometry in Three.js, enabling you to build your own three-dimensional scenes for your sites.

Also inside:

  • Boost performance with React’s Context API
  • Master vectors and matrices
  • Improve form UI
  • Perfect object-oriented UX

Enjoy the issue!