net May 2018 Issue 305

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Published 22nd March 

Having gotten devoted Pokefans out in the streets en masse and homeowners arranging flatpack furniture via their mobile phones, augmented reality (AR) is rapidly taking over in the web-design space. Thanks in no small part to AR.js and WebAR, it is now enabling developers to create designs that break the bounds of the page and offer a highly enriched experience as people browse the net.

That’s why this issue we’re doing a deep dive into all things AR. Alexandra Etienne, the AR/VR evangelist, is looking into the current state of play for AR and examining the many applications it could have for web design.

But this isn’t our only look at how web design can reflect on reality this issue. Audrée Lapierre gives a breakdown of how you can craft deft data visualisations, covering everything from digging out the right datasets to crafting a silky smooth UX. Meanwhile, Tom Smith takes a look at how WebGL can be used to create immersive 3D in-browser experiences that take the user’s breath away. Finally, in our Project section, Neil Pearce shows how you can whip up and wow fashionistas with your slick split-screen landing pages.

Enjoy the issue!