net March 2019 Issue 316

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Published 24th January

Voicing the old adage ‘a craftsperson is only as good as their tools’ is likely to prove divisive in development circles. After all, we’ve all seen powerful tools like React used to produce terrible bug-ridden products; equally there are some amazingly creative sites out there fashioned solely with a lick of CSS and a whole lot of skill. But it is true that experienced hands can work some web wonders when they add new libraries, languages and APIs to their toolkits.

With this in mind, we’ve pulled together our list of the hottest new dev tools in 2019. Whether you’re looking to find out about the latest frameworks, track down new testing utilities, master new ways of handling media or sniff out new JavaScript tools, we’ve got a whole host of instruments to add more punch to web projects.

And we’ve got a chance to get hands-on with some powerful kit as well. Richard Mattka shows how you can deploy Google’s Cloud Vision API to do everything from screening sensitive media to distinguishing dalmatians from dachshunds. Elsewhere, Ben Read is here to give you a crash course in using React to publish bespoke error messages and capture bugs in components.

Enjoy the issue!