net June 2018 Issue 306

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Published 19th April

Considering JavaScript is used by 95.1% of all websites, it’s no surprise it’s considered one of the most critical tools in a web designer’s arsenal. Given it is dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based and offers a multi-paradigm approach, JavaScript is well-suited to solving myriad programming problems. However, this very versatility also means that it can be hard to identify the right packages and programs to serve your purposes.

Evidently, the dev and design community is crying out for a detailed breakdown of the benefits of the many packages on offer. Fortunately, they are in luck. This issue Matt Crouch is outlining all of the JavaScript tools you need to unleash your creativity, whether they are helping you increase code quality, perfect project testing or make use of interfaces.

And there’s far more JS where that came from. This issue Neil Pearce is here to give you a grounding in Vue.js and show how you can use the flexible framework to build a single-page app. Meanwhile, Carl Cahill runs down a range of power prototyping tools to perfectly plan out your projects. Finally, Simon Yeoman dives into the issue of net regulation and whether tech companies can ever really be trusted to police themselves.
Enjoy the issue!