net June 15 Issue 267

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As always, you can rely on Net to keep you informed about the world of the web.
We feel it’s our duty to edit the information out there and present it for you to pick and choose from.
We exclusively reveal Harry Roberts’ CSS architecture methodology for large projects and explain how to get started with React – the JavaScript library that’s taken the community by storm.
As you can see from our cover, we also explore plenty of WordPress. If that’s your thing, don’t miss The Ultimate Guide to WordPress, which comes free with this issue.
Plus, there's lots more not to be missed:
From Photoshop to Prototype. Create rich, layered mockups with UXPin.
Make type work on all devices: Ensure text is easy to read on any screen size.
We chat to Scott Jehl about the project that changed the face of web design, and why it’s our duty to start being more responsible.
Nerf guns sit next to awards certificates in Superhero Cheesecake’s Amsterdam office. Niels van Esch gives us a tour.
Rob Mills reveals the golden rules for writing copy that enagages its audience.