net July 2019 Issue 320

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Published 16th May 

Art and design have always had an influence on each other. You only need to look at the Bauhaus movement or consider art nouveau to see periods where art and commercial design have marched in lockstep. Things haven’t changed – since the birth of the internet, digital art and design have helped inspire each other, creating a feedback loop that has enriched both mediums.

In recognition of this phenomenon, we’re celebrating visual arts in this issue of net, looking at ways creative code can both produce attractive art and help impart valuable new skills. Kicking things off, developer and artist Mike Brondbjerg is on hand to show you how you can create sumptuous JavaScript animations driven by audio data. And for those that prefer to focus on the lighter side of coding, we have a breakdown of the useful things you can learn hacking together CSS art.

But we’re not neglecting the practical side of design: we still have plenty of guides to help you with your commercial work. Richard Mattka is chiming in with his tutorial on how you can bring voice recognition into your professional projects. Meanwhile, Sush Kelly shows you how you can use Jekyll to create smooth static sites.

Enjoy the issue!