net July 2018 Issue 307

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Published 17th May

Truly elegant design is about achieving transformative results in as few steps as possible. It wasn’t just braggadocio when Archimedes claimed a lever and a place to stand would enable him to move the world; it was the perfect illustration of how innovative design produces maximal results for minimum toil. This is a principle every designer should aspire to: creating friction-free products that amplify their users’ efforts.

That’s why this issue we’ve been looking at streamlining design and reducing friction in the way you work. Tom May investigates how tuning up your process and making your workflow as aerodynamic as possible can optimise your output, helping you to deliver designs at scale. Meanwhile, our guide to better testing will help you clear any grit from the engines of your dev work, ensuring your sites run smoothly in all conditions.

But that’s not all: our interview with Sarah Richards reveals how compelling content design can significantly boost the efficiency of your site’s primary fuel source. And Samer Buna demonstrates how Node.js streams enable you to work with large data files without flooding users’ memory – offering the same results for a fraction of the CPU load.