net January 2019 Issue 314

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Published 29th November

Given the web’s aim is to bring us together, it’s vital to ensure that we’re all equally able to access it. According to the World Bank, over one billion people – or 15 per cent of the world’s population – have a recognised disability. But evidence submitted by AbilityNet to the UK government’s Work & Pensions Select Committee’s Assistive Technology Inquiry found 90 per cent of sites don’t even meet single-A compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines set by the W3C – meaning that they fall below the legal minimum of AA.

Doing the bare minimum in terms of accessibility – whether it’s supplying alt text for images or sticking to a 16-pixel font size for body text – is no longer enough. Which is why this issue we’ve called in the accessibility experts to help you navigate inclusivity and avoid accessibility traps in your web designs.

But this isn’t the only insight we’re offering for building more solid sites. Darryl Bartlett digs into reusable components, showing you how to design more efficiently and craft consistent UIs. And Matt Crouch gets his Gatsby on, sharing how you can use it to render JavaScript server side and deliver more secure, speedier sites.

Enjoy the issue!