net February 2020 Issue 328

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Published 31st December

It’s hard not to feel a little reflective when you’ve just waved goodbye to a decade. And it’s safe to say that, as far as the web goes, the 2010s were a bit of a mixed bag. Sure, we enjoyed the revolution that was HTML5, reshaped the online world with responsive design and broke free of formulaic web templates with CSS grid. But the internet’s rep also took a bit of a beating, thanks to the NSA, #gamergate, Donald Trump, Cambridge Analytica and so many other scandals.

But when it comes to technology, we're nothing if we're not optimists and we're confident that there are bright times ahead for the web. That’s why we’ve dedicated our latest issue to the exciting things coming up in the future.

First of all, Louis Lazaris rounds up the tools worth adding to your workflow in 2020, whether they’re JavaScript libraries, CSS and HTML tools or testing tools. We also look at React, Angular and Vue.js and how they’re set to evolve over the next decade.

On top of that, we’re offering up plenty of practical projects, including how you can build a time-based UI animation and add particle effects to 3D sites.