net December 2018 Issue 313

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Published 1st November

Despite its reputation as a global medium, the early days of the net tended to be focused on a rather white western web. Things have certainly moved on over the last three decades – a Pew Research Center survey this year found the proportion of adults in the developing world owning a smartphone or using the internet at least occasionally has rocketed from 42 per cent to 64 per cent in the last four years (

But it can still be easy to forget that many of your users in developing nations might not be packing 20GB-a-month 4G connections; as Ire Aderinokun comments in our interview this month, designing for the future of the internet requires you to consider a “huge spectrum of users [with] many varying needs”.

In light of this, it’s important to rethink your approach: shipping MBs of JavaScript with your sites is no longer an effective strategy. That’s why we’ve asked Google’s Addy Osmani to offer up his insight into how you can code faster, lighter JavaScript and offer a silky user experience, whether your user is in Camden or Cambodia. We also have a practical guide on performance UX and how you can systematically refine sites to achieve better and better results.

Plenty to get your teeth into, no matter where you’re reading from.