net August 2018 Issue 308

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Published 14th June

No matter how rapidly technology has developed, web design has never struggled to meet the changing nature of the digital landscape. Driven both by opportunity and necessity, those working in the industry have always eagerly met changes in their environment and used them to drive the standard of design on the web forward.

That’s why this issue we’ve been looking at the evolution of web design and the things devs and designers can do to ensure they remain at the forefront of the ecological arms race. Maximiliano Firtman takes a naturalist’s eye to the subject of mobile design, exploring the evolution of progressive web apps and showing how you can use them to bring together web and app design.

But adaptability won’t just help you dominate the mobile ecosystem. We also take a look at how agile design can help you adapt your product to fit the changing needs of your market and remain nimble in the face of shifting consumer demand. And with the recent release of TensorFlow.js, we explore how you can use in-browser machine learning to create sites that actively evolve the more users they encounter.