net April 14 Issue 252

The future of SEO!
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In net April Issue 252:

The SEO industry is evolving and Pete Wailes of SEO gadget sees the SEO practitioner of today as a technical project manager who can work with both developers and designers to produce work that's both creatively compelling and technically accomplished. In our main feature this month, Wailes explains the process of creating Google-friendly campaigns and doing SEO the right way.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Jason Cranford Teague has 10 top tips for UX design that will win and keep the trust of your users, and we've tutorials on prototyping, using Sketch, creating a Ghost theme and making emails look great on any device with Ink. Our interview this month is with designer, writer, researcher and closet anthropologist Stephanie Rieger. On top of all that, we have our usual mix of inspirational new work, practical advice, informed analysis and thought-provoking comment.