Manga Artist (6th Edition)

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Published 16th May 2019

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In this new edition pro artists from around the world help you to take your manga art skills to the next level! Discover new techniques and skills to improve your manga character and environment designs.

Inside you'll find:

Artist showcase
Our pick of work by new and exciting artists to inspire and astonish you

Anime now!
How is Japanese animation holding up in 2018?

- Olga Andriyenko and Patxi Peláez's sketchbooks
- Riot Games
- 2Minds
- Collateral Damage
- Ross Tran
- KD Stanton
- Give your art a feel of light and romance
- Draw a striking female warrior!
- Learn new manga colouring skills
- Generate volume and depth easily
- 15 secrets to get better at manga
- Experiment with line and colour
- Sharpen your card art skills
- Simply paint a Grimm fairy tale
- Create manga with a twist
- Paint a heroine from Fallout 4
- Your questions answered! Get tips, techniques and advice from our expert panel of experienced artists
- And so much more…

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