ImagineFX September 2019 Issue 177

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Published 12th July

Get better at character art! 

•Russian artist Aleksey Baydakov reveals his Photoshop process for concepting and creating unique charismatic characters.
• Elsewhere in our digital art workshop section, Peter Polach shows how he gets inspired by using reference for his digital art creations. Ivan Khomenko showcases his cinematic keyframe art techniques, and Serge Birault discusses how to work with clients when creating characters. 
• We interview Pixar animator Eliza Ivanova about her beautifully detailed sketches in her personal work, and also speak to Karl Kopinski on his work for Games Workshop, and Bastien Lecouffe Deharme about their illustrious careers.
• In our traditional art section, Artem Solop showcases his techniques in brush pen and fine liner pens. 
• In our feature we take a look at reference and why, when and how to use it.
• We feature Jacqueline De Leon’s art studio in our Artist in Residence feature, and get up-close and personal with the wrinkly sketches of Vinod Rams. 
• Plus! There’s over three hours of exclusive pro video training and custom brushes.