ImagineFX October 2019 Issue 178

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Published 9th August

The drawing issue! Get better at drawing with an exclusive workshop and video from the absolute master of drawing, Kim Jung Gi. 

Inside our workshop section, there’s an abundance of advice, starting with a digital sketching and concepting workshop with Monika Zagrobelna as she creates a fantasy beast in an hour using AutoDesk SketchBook. You’ll also discover how to get more out of ArtRage as artist Steve Goad takes you through his art process for ArtRage 6. Sara Tepes also steps up to show how to clean your digital sketches in Krita - an amazing free software tool that you should download immediately.

Sitting snugly in the interview chair (not at the same time) this issue is Timothy Von Rueden and Nivanh Chanthara. One is famed for his detailed drawing prowess and the other for his awesome mech concept skills. In news, we take a look behind the scenes at a new Tate exhibition on the famed British artist and poet William Blake, We also delve into a unique sketchbook from the always brilliant Finnian Macmanus. The sketches include his VR work, which is a first for us!  

In out traditional art section there’s line drawing advice from Timothy Von Rueden, plus a mixed media workshop with Kelly McKernan. Plus there’s a gallery selection of your art from around the world, and over two hours of video from pro artists!