ImagineFX November 2019 Issue 179

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Published 6th September

Want to be a better concept artist? Well, we have quite the issue for you… First up, Sparth! The legendary artist shares his unmissable rendering techniques - and his amazing brush pack! Also in our workshop section, artist Alex Jay Brady showcases a 3D technique that she utilises when staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike. It’s a lifesaver. Also featured, Martin Nebelong builds a virtual reality world in Dreams on PlayStation 4.  

We interview two heavyweights in the world of concept art. First up, Donglu Yu senior concept artist at Ubisoft talks about her illustrious career in art and also her plans for mentorships. Then Ian McQue discusses going from working on the RockStar franchise to working in film. Both inspiring interviews for very different reasons! In our traditional art section Tim Von Rueden gives more details on how to pencil shade like a pro and Anna Sokolova paints using the Delft Blue technique. 
We also chat to Christiam Alzmann, Ben Mauro, Feng Zhu and more as they share what they think makes a successful concept artist. They also reveal the tools they use to get the most out of their art. We also asked them to answer the much Googled question, ‘what do concept artist do all day?’ The answers are very revealing... 

PLUS there’s a sketchbook from blockbuster film artist Colie Wertz, a look inside the art studio of Daren Bader, a packed out gallery selection of your digital and traditional art from around the world, Sparth’s brush pack and 97 minutes of video from pro artists!