ImagineFX June 2019 Issue 174

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Published 23rd April

Comic art issue! Discover how legendary artist Tony S Daniel creates an iconic Batman image in pencils and ink. Elias Chatzoudis opens up Photoshop and creates a gorgeous pin-up in a subtle light, Steve Ellis takes a script and shares how he turns it into comic panels that read, plus Tess Fowler picks up a pen to take us through her inking tips for creating fantasy art – from D&D to Critical Role! 

Terry Dodson show us around his rural studio for Artist in Residence and Daniel Warren Johnson shows of his sketches. We also chat with Jorge Jimenez, Christian Ward and Staz Johnson abut their life as comic artists. We also chat with a selection of artists about how they try to overcome perfectionism ans still create great art.

There’s also over one hour of exclusive video training, including Patrick J Jones final figure drawing series and 165 custom brushes!