ImagineFX June 14 - Issue 109

Celebrating the iconic art of Gotham's Dark Knight as he turns 75!
ImagineFX June 14 - Issue 109

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In ImagineFX June Issue 109:
We celebrate the iconic art of Gotham’s Dark Knight as he turns 75, talking to many of the key players in Batman’s long and heroic timeline. We also ask artists and publishers to share their tips and advice on going it alone in the indie comic world. This issue’s workshops include DC Comics artist Ken Lashley showing how he gives Batman some grit and gravitas, Mukesh Singh creating a dynamic fight scene for Wolverine, George Pratt talking us though his process for painting a cover for Fables, and Sean Andrew Murray explaining how changing your focus as you paint can be a good thing. 
Our traditional section features a workshop on sculpting with clay, and advice on controlling your values, while the Q&A pages include answers on depicting torn metal, sun-drenched hair and an intensely cold scene.