ImagineFX - July 2018 Issue 162

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Published 18th May 

Be a better digital artist! Even Mehl Amundsen - a giant of the art community! - creates our vibrant new cover that heads up our digital art special issue! Inside the magazine you’ll get insight on how to create art in Photoshop, ZBrush, and virtual reality – this workshop in particular comes with a brilliant 45-minute guide on how to use Oculus Medium! You’ll also get 15 tips on how to get motivated, generate ideas and be more productive from the infectiously enthusiastic Mel Milton. If this doesn’t get you picking up a pencil… well, trust us, it will!

We have insight from pro artists on how they’re keeping ahead of the game by learning new skills beyond the realms of 2D. We also give you our core skills series for both digital and traditional beginner artists – you won’t want to miss this if you’re starting out in either Photoshop or watercolour.We also speak with Pablo Carpio and he reveals his tenacious attitude that got his big artistic break and Nicolas Delort showcases how he scratches his way to a stunning traditional art piece inspired by The Lord of The Rings. All this and three hours of video tuition.