ImagineFX January 2020 Issue 182

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Published 29th November

Get better at fantasy illustration! 

Artist Fatemeh Haghnejad (AKA BlueBirdy) creates our incredible cover art in Procreate and tells us her step-by-step process of creating ethereal art. You’ll learn how to get the most out of Flame Painter in the first of our Core Skills series on the software. Bryn G Jones walks us through his creative process for creating low-light portraits in Photoshop, plus you’ll get guidance on surface textures in Photoshop with creature expert Mike Corriero.  

In our in-depth feature, we talk to Lois van Baarle, Bobby Chiu, Pablo Carpio, Iain McCaig and Karla Ortiz about the traits that successful artists share. It’s a fantastic read about how attributes other than your art skills also matter in your journey to becoming a better artist.

Artist Andrei Riabovitchev showcases his sketchbook across six unmissable pages, plue we interview Djamila Knopf, John Burton and Bryan Mark Taylor. 

Our traditional art section starts with Margaret Morales detailing her watercolour process and also we also get Timothy Von Rueden’s guidance on how to make confident marks in pencil.

In our exclusive resources section we have four workshop videos for you to watch and learn from, including our cover artist Fatemeh Haghnejad. We also review Adobe Fresco, Corel Painter 2020 and so much more.