ImagineFX - January 2019 Issue 169

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Published 30th November

Create dynamic video game art! The makers of the upcoming indie game Sable share how they create Moebuis-inspired art, Lucas Staniec shares his process for creating unique concepts, and Roberto Padula tells us his step-by-step methods for painting a creature. 
If you want a job in video games, you need to know what video games companies are looking for. We spoke to recruiters from leading games studios to find out what they’re looking for in an artist. It’s a must read for any aspiring artist.

In our traditional art section, Howard Lyon creates a portrait in oils, Mark Zug delivers a workshop on his series of paintings about chemical elements and we speak to Socar Myles in First Impressions. 

We also interview Halo Infinity’s Darren Bacon about life as an art director, delve into the sketchbook of Thiago Almeida and peek inside the studio of CD Projekt Red, the makers of The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077. There’s also over three hours of exclusive video training including from Patrick J Jones continuing figure drawing series, and so much more!