ImagineFX April 14 - Issue 107

A celebration of the unique and quirky
ImagineFX April 14 - Issue 107

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In ImagineFX April 14 Issue 107:

This issue is a celebration of the unique and the quirky, artists who have taken the road less travelled. Take cover artist Han-Yuan Yu for example. By adding in beautifully detailed Taiwanese aboriginal costumes, he’s given his manga art a distinct look that’s unmistakably his own.

Elsewhere, Christopher Moeller is going against the tide by painting comics in a traditional way. Artist Serge Kolesov depicts a mermaid from a breathtaking new perspective, and the internet-shy Wayne Reynolds tells us how he turned a boring art job into something fun by putting in a few surprising elements.

There’s a workshop on how to use Photoshop in a new way by animating your art, and a beautiful traditional FXPosé submission where the artist adds gold leaf to her paintings.