Imagine FX Sketchbooks Volumes 1 & 2 Collection

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Limited Edition Imagine FX Sketchbooks Collection 

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The Sketchbook Collections; where great art begins…
In these special books from the makers of ImagineFX you'll delve into the minds of some of the world's greatest fantasy artists and illustrators as they share their inspirational sketchbooks. Discover how their great pieces of art take form, how they quickly get and idea from their head to paper, what mediums they start in, but best of all, get an insight into their incredible – and sometimes twisted – imaginations.
In this Limited Edition Collection you will get: 
There’s no limit to what you’ll learn and discover in this  inspirational book. Just one small drawing by one of the artists here, just one stroke of a pen, or just one thought that accompanies the sketch could very well set you off on your next great piece. 
Brett Bean, Kev Crossley, Jennifer Healy, Craww, Jeffrey Lai, Hendrik Gericke, Colin Fix, Mike Corriero and loads more!

Whether you’re a practising fantasy artist, a student or even a hobbyist wanting to take your skills further, there’s something here for you: so dive in and discover crazy creatures, cool futuristic vehicles and stunning expansive environments. Along with the sketches on the pages, we also bring you insights from the artists about their creations – all so you can get a true idea of what the artist was thinking when they put pencil, pen or paint to paper.
Bob Eggleton, Brian Froud, Jonny Duddle, Kavika, Kim Jung Gi, Jin Han, Alex Ruiz, John Howe, Carlyn Lim and loads more!

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