The Ultimate Guide to Creative Cloud

The Ultimate Guide to Creative Cloud
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Want to supercharge your creative workflow? Want all your apps to work in sync? Want to easily publish to multiple platforms and devices at the same time without any hassle? We thought so. In this book – The Ultimate Guide to Creative Cloud – you’ll discover how to use the power of Adobe Creative Cloud to work faster, smarter and deliver your projects faster and in more style.

This special issue includes:

  • In-depth guides to every application in Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Expert tips so you can make the most of your design software.
  • Tutorials on how to combine Creative Cloud applications to make your design workflow easier - includes workshops on Illustrator, After Effects, Muse, Photoshop and more!
  • Guides on how to use essential services such as Typekit, ProSite and Adobe DPS.
  • Interviews with top studios who have used Creative Cloud.

The Ultimate Guide to Creative Cloud is all you need to master Adobe's brilliant new design tools!


Published: September 2013
Pages: 146
Dimensions: 300 x 232mm