Computer Arts March 14 Issue 224

This issue is all about typography and we look at some of the best!
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In Computer Arts March Issue 224:

Computer Arts is the world's leading graphic design magazine and DMA Visual Arts Magazine of the Year 2013.

This issue we're all about typography. Self-confessed 'typomaniac' Erik Spiekermann considers how a custom typeface can make or break a brand, with a closer look at how his work for the likes of Deutsche Bahn and Firefox has helped build their brand presence and tone. In our Industry issues section, we've put the spotlight on agents, exploring what the right representation could do for your design practice – and how to go about getting it.

We've supercharged our Projects section with a selection of pro workflow tips to help you fine-tune your Photoshop and Illustrator skills. Don't worry, though - there's still our usual range of inspiring project diaries in there. This month, illustrator Chris Martin shares how he created strange new worlds for a magical spot for Toshiba's new tablet, and Jam3 shows us how it put together an interactive live-streamed festival experience.

As H&FJ hits the headlines with its high-profile studio ownership dispute, Adrian Shaughnessy gives his take on why creative partnerships can go sour – and we ask top creatives for their secrets to collaborative bliss. Finally, there's an in-depth look at what to expect at our Impact Conference in March, complete with video interviews with our stellar speaker line-up.

Plus: the best design work of the past month from around the globe, including our critique of the new Oscars branding