Computer Arts January 14

How an entrepreneurial spirit can boost your creative profile and your cashflow
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In Computer Arts January Issue 222
Computer Arts is the world's leading graphic design magazine and DMA Visual Arts Magazine of the Year 2013. This issue's all about the blooming enterprising spirit that's seeing illustrators turn their creative work into savvy new business ventures. 
Some of the best new products and ideas have come about outside of designers' day-to-day commissioned work – we  turn our attentions to studio downtime and the best way to use it. Our showcase section has been revamped to include a closer look at the project that everyone's talking about – this issue, the Independent redesign. 
In our interviews section, we meet the charming Leslie David to talk luxury brands, finger painting and Björk, and find out how Montreal's creative community had fed into newly-formed Vallée Duhamel studio. 
In this issue's project diaries, Brand Nu talks through how to brand a new pre-payment card, with little more than a name to go on, and Cruschiform explains the delicate balancing act of putting together a series of kaleidoscopic illustrations for Wired. Plus: We get into the festive spirit with a Designed For Life Christmas special and designers share their New Year's resolutions.