Computer Arts Collection Vol 2 Pt 4 Branding

Branding: Our carefully curated selection of stylish branding work from studios around the world
Computer Arts Collection Vol 2 Pt 4 Branding

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Computer Arts Collection Vol 2 Pt 4 Branding:

Computer Arts Collection is a six-part annual series of in-depth guides, packed with insight and inspiration from the global design industry. With over 200 stunning pages, it's the definitive guide to the core creative fields of: graphic design, typography, illustration, branding, photography and advertising.
Branding as a discipline goes far beyond logo design. It’s about capturing an ethos – whether it’s about pure visual impact, or more subtle factors such as tone of voice, art direction or use of colour.
We explore several recent major rebrands in plenty of depth in the Process section – including American Airlines, ITV and Billboard – and tie all the threads together with an investigation of the economics of rebranding.