Computer Arts Collection Vol 1 Pt 1 Graphic Design

Graphic Design: Exclusive report on the design trends that matter, plus behind-the-scenes on projects for Diet Coke and HarperCollins
Computer Arts Collection Vol 1 Pt 1 Graphic Design

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Volume 1 Part 1: Graphic Design

Computer Arts Collection is a new annual series of six in-depth guides, packed with insight and inspiration from the global design industry. With 224 stunning pages, it's the definitive guide to the core creative fields of: graphic design, typography, illustration, branding, photography and advertising.
Issue one (Graphic Design) includes a groundbreaking 48-page special project, guest-edited by Planning Unit, an exciting new London studio set up by Jeff Knowles and Nick Hard, two former senior designers from Neville Brody's Research Studios. Jeff and Nick walk through their creative process on the design and production of Species - a beautiful photographic book about endangered animals - that was produced exclusively for Computer Arts Collection, including video diaries and behind-the-scenes footage of the studio at work (available for secure download).
It also features an unmissable 20-page report on the latest trends and movements in the design industry, produced exclusively for Computer Arts Collection by leading trend forecasting agency FranklinTill.
Other features include:
  • Deep behind the scenes of leading graphic design projects, including Turner Duckworth for Coca-Cola, Studio8 for HarperCollins and Cue for Jack Daniel's
  • 24 hours with iconic Pentagram partner Angus Hyland
  • In-depth report on the state of the graphic design industry, and how your studio can survive and thrive
  • Keep your digital skills sharp: move into app design and digital publishing

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Published: December 2011

Pages: 208

Dimensions: 300mm x 232mm