3D World February 2018 Issue 230

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Published 27th December

Star Wars is inescapable as a huge part of popular culture and each new part of the story is eagerly awaited. This is as true for vfx artists as film fans and with the tech, skill and love put into the latest instalment, there is a lot to talk about, so this issue we bring you two features on the effects work of ILM and Jellyfish, delving behind the scenes to explore how such an epic story is told.

We also have a fantastic tutorial from Darrell Abney, who shows you how to create an alien pirate, like the one that graces our cover.

There are reviews that keep you up today on what new hardware and software is worthy of your investment, our regular Q&A section, as well as bootcamp, basics.

We also have a exclusive opinion piece from Scott Ross, one of the industry's veteran superstars and also a speaker at Vertex, our 3D artist event in London next March, more details of which you can find at www.vertexconf.com

We also have a fantastic video course on offer from Pluralsight on creating digital alien sci-fi makeup using facial tracking in After Effects. Simply download it from our Vault.